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Our Machine Shop :
OPI Machine shops are located near major Oil field in India. And our machine shop provides full range of fabrication, repair and general machining needs…, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each facility is staffed with the people to do the job right. They are trained Engineers, Machinist, Welders, Supervisor, Expeditors and Managers. Additionally they are Oil path experienced with a complete understanding of oilfield requirements and Quality specifications.

To assure timely job completion OPIPL Machine shop are equipped with state of the art Machining, Welding and instrumentation equipped to provide,

  • Engineering
  • Hollow 15” spindle heavy duty oil country Lathe Machine
  • Specialized automatic MIG Welding and Hard facing
  • Over head crane
  • Large heavy Strengtheners
  • Precision QA/QC instruments
  • Cold rolling equipments
  • Phosphate surface coating equipment
  • API Master and Working Gauges.
  • Power hacksaw heavy duty cutting machine
  • Generator 125 KVA.


We perform constant inspection on thread cutting and rethreading on oilfield tubular and all down-hole tools. Which is a most critical operation in the making of quality products Lead?
Taper, Thread profile, Depth of thread and Gauge stand –off are all constantly monitored to guarantee tolerances and uniformity.

Then all connection are chemically treated to prevent galling thread roots are cold worked to provide longer fatigue life.

All the incoming material (tubular) threads are visually and dimensionally inspected by Quality control before machining the job.

After machining the parts are dimensionally and functionally inspected by Quality control and document maintained as per our procedure


Even the thread cutting “INSERTS” are examined 100% by the use of an Optical comparator to assure proper thread form and depth.

Gauges used on each production order are examined and re-qualified to the master set of Gauges after each order.


We have most sophisticated equipment. Its also available to our customers for any additional testing they wish to perform, such like that,

  • Dye penetrant test,
  • Ultrasonic,
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection,
  • Radiographic inspection. Can be provided on customer request